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16/3/2014: Page 47 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 46 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 45 of Issue 3 is now up!
I'm finally back and updating. I've missed my comic, honestly. Truth is, I have been on a drought all this time, half of it was self-doubt, the other half was difficulty to make myself draw again, after not doing this for so long.

Thank you all for the support and the fact that you still sticked with visiting my comic, hoping that I will update again.

This helped a lot. :)
Page 44 of issue 3 is now up!
Page 43 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 42 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 41 of Issue 3 is now up!
Start of the month. I need some more votes for a boost! :)
It's been quite a delay in updates. Work kept me busy and then I've been a little down in the past week. These sudden weather changes are giving me headaches.

Page 40 of Issue 3 is now up!
Aaaaaand we're back to our favorite people! ^^
Page 39 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 38 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 37 of Issue 3 is now up!
Page 36 of Issue 3 is now up!
Yay fo new characters! ^^
Updates might be sporadic this week, because I started work and I have several projects to work on... :(


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